March 3, 2007

My Funny Valentine

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Melinda Doolittle. This woman can sing. Yes she can. She has a fantastic voice. And I love the way she sang this song. The only thing I think she should work on, is boosting her confidence. She’s still a little timid looking when she’s not singing. I know being humble is good, but she should work on exuding confidence and she has to know that she’s really good!


Geek In The Pink

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I have to admit, this is one hot performance by Chris Richardson! Wow, I never even thought I would see Chris bring the house down. I mean, yeah, he has ala Justin Timberlake voice but I haven’t really noticed him stand out before this. But after I watched his performance with Geek In The Pink, I really thought it was hot. And he’s kinda cute, don’t you think? Yeah, he is (wink).

Virtual Insanity

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Blake did it again! Actually, I was a little worried he wouldn’t be able to pull this off coz the beginning was not that good… but the thing is, he made the song his own! I just love the way he performs. I love his beatboxing and scatting in the middle of the song. Wow, it just fit so perfectly I could play it over and over again. He doesn’t have the best vocals, but he’s just so unique and talented. A true musician at heart.

Somewhere Only We Know

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I think this is the first performance in Idol 6 that I actually liked. Blake really did a good job on this. He chose the perfect song for his voice, and he sang it great! He kind of forgot one bit of the lyrics, but it wasn’t even that noticeable. I really like this guy, he’s not the best singer, but he really knows what he’s doing.

February 25, 2007

AI5 Burt Bacharach Medley

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I love this medley. This is probably the best finale medley ever in American Idol history. I particularly love Elliott (of course), and would you believe it, Bucky! He actually surprised me a little with his singing here. He actually really has a nice voice. I love the songs, and the way they arranged the medley. And the idols all did a great job! I also love that Dionne Warwick sang with them. She didn’t get the high note in the end, kind of went flat, but hey, it’s still Dionne Warwick. Other than that last note, it’s a great medley and I love listening to it over and over again.

If I Can Dream

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If I Can Dream, originally done by Elvis Presley, is another one of Elliott’s great performances. With this song, Elliott really proved what a great singer he is. What I love about Elliott is that, not only does he have an amazing voice, but he has this ability to make a song his own, and even convince his audience to like the song too! I probably wouldn’t even like this song if I had not heard Elliott sing it. He’s really somethin’.

In The Still Of The Night

Posted in season 4 at 2:01 pm by imogen

This is the first time I heard “In The Still Of The Night” which was originally done by the Five Satins. I think this was Ace’s best performance in American Idol. I never really heard the original, but I love the jazzy arrangement of this one. And Ace’s voice really fit the song perfectly, and the falsetto at the end! Wow! Now, that’s hot.

Tonight I Wanna Cry

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When Ace sang “Tonight I Wanna Cry” by Keith Urban, that was my first time to hear the song. I really liked the song the first time I heard it, and Ace sang it pretty well too. He doesn’t have the greatest vocals, but I like the tone of his voice with this song. And boy, do I love his falsetto!

A Song For You

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My favorite Idol on Season 5, Elliott Yamin didn’t win last season of American Idol… but nevertheless, he’s still my favorite. He should have won the show though! I love his voice! Among Elliott’s performances, I like this rendition of Donny Hathaway’s ‘A Song For You’ best. It even moved Paula Abdul to tears… check it out.


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Carrie takes on Heart. She breaks away from her country songs and takes on an 80’s rock song. She sang this really really well. After her performance, Simon Cowell made a prediction that not only will she win the competition, but she will sell more records than any other previous idols. Way to go Carrie!

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